About kielle

We are a team of people who are still young, but have been in the field of sanitation for over 13 years. We are not the leader in the bathroom and kitchen equipment market but we are the only ones who draw on personal experience and real customer requirements. We’ve chosen only the best for you! 

We understand the field

Water has always attracted us, just as our ancestors were attracted to the mysterious stars. We want to gain control over it, we want to tame it so that it provides us with the greatest comfort possible. We believe in our vision as we have many years’ experience in the field of sanitary equipment, a perfect knowledge of manufacturers and the field itself.

Over this time, we had an opportunity to become thoroughly acquainted with the products of individual brands, get to know the requirements and desires of the customers and discover innovative technologies that increase comfort. We have decided to pursue the best – we have personally chosen the best products for you and united them under the new unique kielle brand.

kielle Black edition


We do not make compromises

Our innovative approach, perfect knowledge of the product range, brands, technology and trends as well as personal experience with individual products have allowed us to group the best products with timeless lines that will please you with their high quality, precision workmanship, innovative technologies and practical use. The integrated technologies have clear goals: high reliability, easy maintenance, sensitive and precise control, resistance and, in particular, the long service life of the products.

We feel responsible for the world around us, that’s why we did not hesitate to use technological solutions that will allow you to reduce water and energy consumption. You will save money, help our planet but that won't be reflected in your comfort.


We are not afraid of new challenges

We are visionaries! We are confident that even your bathroom can have the parameters of a spa. We know that kitchen equipment doesn't have to be just practical, it can also be elegant.  Why? Because this field is our life!

kielle Black edition