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This Cookie Policy relates to information on how Kielle GmbH, a company with its registered office at Südwestkorso 14, 12163 Berlin, Německo, registered at District Court of Charlottenburg (Berlin) HRB 218528 B (hereinafter “kielle”), uses cookies on the website (hereinafter the “Website”)

This Policy explains:

  1. basic information on cookies;
  2. what types of cookies we use and for what purpose; and
  3. how you can manage cookies in your browser.


About cookies

Cookies are small text files which are stored by the Website on a computer or mobile device when the user starts using the Website. For a certain period of time, the Website can remember some preferences, actions and steps the user has taken (e.g. login details, language, font size and other display preferences).

Kielle may automatically store on the user’s device (1) cookies intended for the transmission of communication via an electronic communication network and (2) cookies necessary to ensure that kielle can provide the required service to the user. Kielle may use all other types of cookies, including those intended for marketing purposes, only with the user’s consent. Users can always grant or withdraw consent in the Website settings.

Kielle may use two types of cookies on the Website according to the duration for which the cookies are stored:


Session cookies

These cookies are temporary. These cookies are stored by the browser only until the user terminates the work session.


Permanent cookies

These cookies are saved by the browser for a longer period of time. The duration of this period depends on the cookies settings and the selected settings of the internet browser.

What cookies we use and their purpose

Kielle uses cookies for three reasons:

  1. for proper functioning of the Website;
  2. to remember user preferences;
  3. to analyse statistical data to improve services and improve targeted advertising.

1. Cookies used for proper functioning of our Website

These cookies are necessary for proper functioning of the Website or associated applications. They are stored even without the user’s consent so that the Website works correctly.

Name of the cookie


Who has access to information 













 1 year

Etnetera, Azure

Etnetera, Azure

Etnetera, Azure


Etnetera, Azure, Google Tag Manager

User session identification.




Result of consent to cookies (cookie banner): after consent, the banner is no longer displayed.

2. Cookies used to remember user preferences

SANITINO uses the following cookies to remember the user’s preferred settings. They are used only with the user’s consent.

PLEASE NOTE: Kielle does not currently use these cookies.


3. Cookies used to analyse statistical data to improve our services and improve targeted advertising

These cookies usually belong to third parties. Please also carefully review the relevant information on cookies and personal data protection provided by the respective third parties.

Kielle uses them especially to analyse statistical data for the purpose of improving services, analysing the behaviour on the Website and for better targeting of advertising. They are used only with the user’s consent.

PLEASE NOTE: Kielle does not currently use these cookies.


Additional information

In the internet browser settings, it is possible to refuse the use of cookies or to allow the use of only some types of cookies (depending on the type of browser). However, if the user does not allow the use of cookies, some functions of the Website might not work properly.

The computer privacy settings where the use of cookies can be refused or prohibited can be found in the menu of the relevant internet browser. The cookies settings in the most common browsers can be found using the following links: