Quality in the first place

The combination of quality materials, precision workmanship and innovative technology provides kielle products with high resistance, easy maintenance and a long service life. You can rely on all kielle products right now and for years to come.

WC, installation system, buttons

A wall-hung toilet is a great solution for modern households where you wish to lighten the space optically while also making maintenance easier. The new start of your toilet is represented by a kielle Genesis pre-wall installation system, which is very practical. Thanks to its four attachment points, it is easy to install and its height and depth can be adjusted as well.

This module also comes with practical designer buttons from the Gemini series. They will impress you with their presentable look and easy control for dual flush options. What’s more, selected models are available with antibacterial surface treatment. And we mustn’t forget about an elegant wall-hung kielle toilet, which will tastefully complement each bathroom style with its clean design. 

kielle wc            kielle wc

Kielle baths

In the kielle brand portfolio you’ll find rectangular and asymmetrical baths suitable for smaller, medium and fairly large bathrooms. All the baths are made of harmless acrylic, which is a great choice not only thanks to its resistance and colour fastness but also the fact that it insulates warmth well. So, you can enjoy taking your favourite bath much longer.

kielle vana            kielle cube

Kielle shower programme

Kielle hand showers and shower sets can boast an elegant design, precision workmanship and practical functions such as relaxing or massaging water jets. A water jet that is reminiscent of a pleasant summer rain is also popular and it will raise your spirits and relax your senses. When cleaning the bathroom, you’ll surely appreciate special self-cleaning nubs, thanks to which scale deposits on the surface of showers have no chance.

Kielle offers no less than two universal series that will bring elegance and cleanliness to your bathroom. The kielle Vega series designed in a modern style plays with cubist shapes that are livened up by a slight rounding of edges, whereas the kielle Aura series stands out with its purely round lines.

kielle sprchy            kielle sprcha